Making higher education accessible to all through student loan assistance and advocacy.

Foothold Northwest

The mission of Foothold NW is to make higher education accessible to everyone who is interested in attaining it, primarily through education finance reform.

We have three main phases of development, and are currently able to offer PHASE 1 on a volunteer basis:

PHASE 1) Inform prospective students on their options for school funding, including private and public loans, Americorps education credits, and scholarships.

PHASE 2) Help people in crisis who need assistance with their loans. The first step will be financial education and reviewing their finances holistically. We will first start with sharing information on the options available, including what they can do with their current servicer as well as if they choose another for consolidation. If it looks necessary or if they have a goal in mind and need help (such as buying a house, paying down credit card debt, etc), we will use donor contributed funds to do 6-12 month boost payments on their loans. Using the power of a 1:1 or 2:1 match to their payments, we will allow the student to maintain accountability and ownership of the loan while giving them a boost of morale to pay the loans off faster. We are also actively seeking banking partners to help provide low interest consolidation loans for non-traditional clients.

PHASE 3) Advocacy and lobbying. We will work to curate information on education funding possibilities and use research and reporting to inform policy positions that we will use as a basis for informing the public and talking to lawmakers. We will also heavily collaborate with educators, organizations, and lawmarkers that are working on change.